We recently traveled from NY to Florida with our four-year old son. I was nervous at first because he had not flown yet and my husband and I were not used to navigating busy airports with a young child. However, I had several of the items from this article and they really did help! The headphones, snackeez, folding potty seat, and magentic blocks were perfect for the airport and on the plane. I plan to add several of these items, like the rolling suitcase and travel pillow. The only thing I would add, expecially if flying, throw in some gummy snacks.

Traveling can be a headache. Traveling with kids can be like a morning-after-closing-down-the-bar pulsing hangover. By train, by plane, by boat, or by car, most parents are just hoping to come out on the other side with only minor injuries and most of their mental faculties still intact. Having flown with kids myself, I am…

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