Earlier this summer, my son and I went on a train ride in Arkville, NY. My son loves trains, so train rides are a normal part of our summer trips. Most are about an hour and a half long and show picturesque scenery, like green fields, streams/rivers, bridges, and mountain peaks. This train ride was no different.

Halfway into our train ride, my son asked for a snack. Normally I have a small sandwich bag of Goldfish or crackers or pretzels in my mom-bag, but this time I left the snacks in the car, accidentally. My son actually said “how could you leave it there?”. All I had with me was our bottle of water. He then proceeded to turn his back and gaze out of the train window for the remainder of the trip! I snapped a few pictures of him, as I didn’t have much else to do or say because he wasn’t talking to me. He held his pout until we got back to the car and he got some Goldfish in his mouth, which was about an hour.

Haahaa….. I call this picture “The pout”. I wonder what everyone else would call this?????


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