Wintertime in Upstate NY is full of unpredictable weather. Most times there seems to be no pattern to Mother Nature’s wrath on the colder climates. A month could go by with not a flurry in sight, or everyday there could be a new coating of snow or ice. Sometimes winterweatherthe wind is so fierce that it sounds more like a train than anything else. We have seen our fair share of cold snaps, but have also seen winter months in the 40’s. Each winter is unique and takes on its own personality.


The end of this week is predicted to be a snowy one. Between Thursday evening and winter weather lone treeMonday morning, my area could see over a foot of fresh snow and ice. Most of the time, my family likes to hibernate when the wintry weather hits our area. Woodstove cranking, classic movies or football on TV, crock pot simmering, maybe a card game to see who has to go out and shovel before the snow gets too heavy. Sometimes a warm drink or a glass of wine with a book winter fire and socksare ways my husband and I like to pass a cold and snowy night after our son is asleep. We see pictures on Facebook of other families sleigh riding or skiing even when it’s snowing out or below zero. I remember doing all of this as a teenager with my friends, but I have no desire to do that anymore.

So let’s hear what your favorite winter weather activities area. What do you and your families like to do during a snow storm or on a blustery day? Are you tackling the winter outside on the slopes or ice? Are you staying inside? Is it a game night or a day you tackle that storage closet that needs organizing? Let’s keep it PG!



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