We are now three weeks into the new year, making it that time of year when we tend to let go of our New Year’s resolution. Was it to quit drinking or smoking, to visit the gym more often, to lose 10 lbs, or even to have more patience? For me it’s to take better care of my body by doing two cleanses this year. I’m doing the first one now, ayou can do itnd it is harder than I thought it was. That doesn’t mean I’m quitting anytime soon.

Beachbody has a couple of cleanses that are easy enough to follow, but require some dedication and self-discipline. I am currently in week 2 of their Ultimate Reset. It involves following a timed eating and drinking cycle, taking supplements and detoxing drinks, and following a nutrition plan. Week 1 involved giving up all dairy, caffeine, and red meat. I was surprised at how easy this was for me. Week 2 is about being vegan and taking the detox drinks. Week 3 gets rid of all grains and focuses on a fruit- and vegetable- based diet. Right now it feels like I will never make it, but I know that it is a temporary thing that will reset my digestive system, improve mental health. The goal is for me to find better ways to start my day without coffee and to unwind in the evening, without alcohol. Cutting out alcohol has been harder than I thought, and I admit I haven’t been able to do it. This week I plan to cut it out, hopefully completely.

So tell me, are you still following your New Year’s resolution? What was it? How are you accomplishing your goals? We are all in this together, so let’s be supportive of each other!

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