The news has been filled with a lot of negativity again. Presidential campaigning, horrific car accidents, missing people, infectious disease, bribery and scandals, and don’t forget border/national security debate. It seems like there is just one attack after another, one more story of human loss or suffering, one nasty comment follows another.

So, on this dreariest of dreary days in Sullivan County, NY, I bring a little sunshine, if you will. I found this on this morning and cannot help but smile. It’s about good overcoming evil, defeating a nemesis, sending a message to an enemy!

21 Adorable Photos of Puppies Vanquishing Very Evil Foes

As humans, we think we’re safer when we’re surrounded by inanimate objects. But puppies know better. These descendants of the mighty wolf know that something as seemingly innocent as a doorstop or a very large zucchini is actually an evil presence lurking among us, cleverly disguised as an everyday object.
Luckily, our canine companions always manage to protect us, and they don’t even expect any thanks in return. That’s just what they’re here for. So read on to see puppies take on their greatest enemies yet, from ice cubes to cherries. And for more unbearable cuteness, check out 17 Adorable Photos of Puppies Playing With Other Animals.


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