I am so happy to say that today marks my 8 year anniversary married to my husband! We dated for years before getting married, but 8 years married is special. We have had some emotional years, but mostly awesome years. We have lost parents, survived post partum depression, lived through home improvements, and even managed to keep me on the sidelines of my son’s flag football games. My husband is the best friend I have, which means he has to see me with my comfy pants and glasses on, he hears me complain and cry, he has to eat the food I cook, and bear with me when I shrink his shirts in the dryer (ha!). It also means that I get to spend every day with him, listen to the advice he gives (even when it’s not what I want to hear), hear about his day when he comes home, be near him and take him in when I can, and mostly experience life with a man that I cannot see how I survived without. Which brings me to my topic – anniversaries.


Anniversaries mark an occasion, something of significance that should be remembered every year. There are anniversaries of marriage, births, divorces, jobs, tragedies, etc. I am curious how you have spent your anniversaries, whatever they have been for. It turns out that traditionally, the 8 year anniversary is the Bronze or Pottery or Linen/Lace year. Well, my husband and I didn’t follow that, not intentionally. We spent the day with each other – lounging, lunch, more lounging, and then being with our son when he got home from school, aka the best day ever!

In case you need to know what traditional anniversary gifts are (whoever determines that), here’s a website to help.  http://weddinganniversarygiftsbyyear.com/index.html

Tell me what you do for your anniversary, no matter what it’s for! Post a picture, write a comment, let me know!


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