Dewey loves his library and he loves Christmas! Dewey is a cat that lives in a library after being rescued by a library director. He loves his life at the library, and people love him. As Christmas decorations come out, Dewey learns to enjoy the holiday season. He is seen running around with a gift bag on his head, naps in the wreath, and chases a ball of red yarn. One night, Dewey gets the yarn twisted around the library’s Christmas tree! But then, the library director takes the Christmas tree out of the library! Dewey becomes sad and the library doesn’t seem as much fun anymore. Just when Dewey thinks all hope is lost of seeing his beloved Christmas tree, the director brings it back! It turns out that Dewey’s yarn covered tree helped it win a prize in the decorating contest! Holiday cheer fills Dewey and the library once again.


Dewey’s Christmas at the Library is a charming Christmas book and perfect for any child to read, as well as any cat lover in your life. While some of the antics that Dewey gets into are not safe for animals in real life, this cat doesn’t seem to be bothered by the dangers at all. The text is a little advanced for my son to read on his own, but the illustrations say is all. The story will have you and your child grinning and giggling at Dewey and his life in the library.

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