Ready or not, here comes the Christmas holiday season! That means shopping, baking, traveling, charge cards, wrapping, Christmas music, and mail!


Of all of the things that I have to do during the holiday season, sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorites. I LOVE Christmas cards, especially the picture ones! It lets me see what everyone that I haven’t seen enough during the year is up to. It’s a traditional way to reach out to that person far away, or even nearby, and let them know that you are thinking of them. Even if the card is the only way that you stay in touch with someone, it sends a pretty thought out to that person during the holiday season. Who knows, it may brighten their day!


They are also perfect for decorating! Most of them have picturesque scenes on them or rustic backgrounds and lots of bold colors! I don’t necessarily need glitter on mine, but they sure are pretty to hang up. I display mine on our living room wall on strings of twine with red and white clothes pins. I treasure each one I hang up and am thankful for each one I receive. 


How do you display your Christmas cards?

Are you a picture card person or a non-picture person? Are you a glitter person?

Let me know how you feel about sending out cards! 

…. and I hope that you are getting into the holiday mood!

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