Does anyone else dread January? The holidays are over, decorations are being packed away, the snow is dull and grey, the nights are long, and everyone back to school or work. The sparkle of the holiday season has worn off and is replaced with the winter blahs.

What’s not to love about the holiday marathon?!? First, there’s Halloween – costumes, parties, trick-or-treating. Then, there’s Thanksgiving – family, food, holiday parades. My son’s birthday comes next in our house. So add a 7-year old’s birthday party into the holiday mix! Finally, Christmastime – visiting Santa, shopping, Elf on the Shelf, Christmas carols and movies, holiday parties and get togethers. The best part of it all is my son’s belief in the magic of Christmas –  talking to the Elf (ours is named Snowball), whispering to Santa when we visit him, setting out treats for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve, and seeing his face when he comes down the stairs Christmas morning. No wonder why it’s hard to let go of it all!

Routine should be what gets us through the sparkle-less and cold winter, but I just don’t want to! I don’t want to let go of the festivity and joy, of the week off from school, of the lounging in pajamas and watching holiday movies or baking all day. The holiday season brings cheer and anticipation; why can’t we get that in January or February? Perhaps this is the post-holiday blues that people speak of.

So I have to rely on my usual daily routine to get me past the next two months. After everyone is off to work or school, I hit play for my Beachbody workout, then cool off with a Shakeology drink and shower. Tidying the house and cleaning comes next, then computer work. Before I know it, I’m out waiting for my son to get off the bus or I’m taking him to the high school where I am an assistant track coach. Homework with a snack is right after we get home. Then comes dinner and family time. Finally it’s off to bed and repeat the next morning. Nothing exceptional or exciting, nothing festive or sparkly, but that’s our family routine.

So here’s to getting back into your routine! The struggle is real in my house. How about yours? What are you doing to get yourself back into real life routines during the post-holiday months?

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