Recently, I shared an article From ScaryMommy on WordPress about the US Women’s National Soccer Team demanding equal pay as the Men’s National Team. I was oblivious to this issue until I read the article. I know that equal pay is still an issue in several private sectors, meaning that men are paid at a higher rate than women for the same exact job based on gender. But I had no idea that it was happening in such public organizations at the US Soccer Federation.

We are supposed to be the country of progress, of equality, of acceptance and diversity. So why are we still dealing with the antiquated issue of paying men and women equally for the same job? Don’t we have laws to protect this?

To catch you up on the article on the soccer teams, the US Soccer Federation is defending its position of paying the four-time World Cup Women’s Champions a smaller salary than the men’s team, who has not placed in the World Cup Tournament since the 1930’s. I’m not talking small differences either. According to, a sports blog that I follow, The Women’s National Team base salary is around $16,538.00. This changes with playoff appearances and on the field time; of course, endorsements always raise salaries, too. The Men’s National Team base salary is $56, 250.00. The company LUNA Bar actually donated money to the USWNT to make up the difference in salaries. The Soccer Federation’s reason: “The job of a [men’s national team player] carries more responsibility within US Soccer than the job of a [women’s national team] player.” What?!? The blog ScaryMommy also pointed out that the federation sees “the ‘indisputable science’ as an argument for why women should be paid less than men, saying the men’s game ‘requires a higher level of skill’ and that the women ‘weren’t as fast’ as the men.” What kind of stone-aged, chauvinistic organization is this?!? Why is this okay?

It’s been pointed out many times that you can be as fast as you want and be able to pull off as many tricks as you can, but if you can’t score a goal in a game then it doesn’t mean anything. The women’s team has consistently proven that they are at the top of their field. The men seem to be treated as the team with special needs at any tournament they attend. (Not that I have anything against those with special needs or needing accommodations. It’s just that these teams are supposed to be global competitors WITH SALARIES, and the men are anything but.) Why reward consistent, sub-par performances from the men’s team with higher salaries, when the women’s team performs above-par on a regular basis? Not only are they at the top of their field globally, but the women’s team is also scrutinized as role models and ambassadors for various causes and organizations, such as LBGQT and SheBelieves. What causes do the male soccer players have? *crickets*

I don’t have an answer but would really like one!


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