Entering week 4 of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order has given me time to re-prioritize and re-think things. I am sure that we all have.

This epidemic has forced us to realize what is essential to us and what we can live without. Aside from the spring cleaning and purging, the stay-at-home orders have encouraged us to start our gardens (inside for us), do family projects, make do with what is in our pantries, and be handier if something breaks.  We have taken stock in who and what is truly important to our family. We have checked-in with those that we miss and wish we could visit.

I look forward to the summer days when we can visit each other in person and talk about our experiences during the spring of 2020 and COVID-19. Some of us have experienced real loss and endured a horrific virus. Others of us have only been inconvenienced by social distancing. Most of us have witnessed human nature in its extremes-supportive communities, heroic healthcare and essential workers, heartless price gouging, and barbaric burglars and scam artists.

No matter what the highs and lows are, our family is taking one day at a time, one week at time. Last week I posted a list of things that I wanted to do; and we did those things. We went on a scavenger hunt from the car, which brought us down roads that I haven’t traveled in years. We planted daffodils at family plots in local cemeteries, which made our family tree seem more realistic to my son. We started seedlings on our windowsill and visualized a bigger garden this summer. We used Skype and video calling on Facebook Messenger to see friends and family, which is technology that I haven’t used until now.

This week, I plan to do just as many things: video call more people, expand our outdoor garden area, get take-out from local restaurants, read sections of the Bible to my son during this Holy Week, drink a little less, and get back to our regular schedule.

What are you all up to this week? How are you going to make it the best that you can?

PS – Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

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