Another week of staying at home is in the books! Most of us are surviving; we haven’t harmed our spouses or children, and our pets are probably loving the attention. Hopefully parents have found a balance of home life and home schooling. I know that I have been better with finding the balance (boundaries are important!). While I may not be able to read as much as I want to-I haven’t been able to post a book review in over a month!-I have made it a priority to get thirty minutes of exercise in everyday, read for a little (mostly books on Raz-Kids with my son), found time to finish my copyeditor’s certification, have family game night, and plan family dinners.

For many, this past week was Holy Week-starting off with Palm Sunday, then Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and ending with Easter Sunday. Usually, this week has meant church services, stations of the cross, self-reflection, and culminating in an epic egg hunt and feast. Like most things in 2020 so far, this holy season has been different from those in the past. We did not attend any church services, where alters are decorated with lilies and palms. We could not participate in community egg hunts or visit the Easter bunny, where we could see everyone’s pastel Easter outfits. We did not gather with family and close friends. We could not listen to our priest walk us through the stations of the cross, where we visualize the trial, execution, and resurrection of Jesus. The entire atmosphere of the Easter holiday had just disappeared.

Even though we could not celebrate Holy Week in our usual ways, all was not lost. Parishes became creative and broadcasted their Easter messages online or by television. In a way, this may have been better. Families could view services from the comforts of their homes, perhaps while preparing meals. Households were not distracted or obligated to go to other Easter events; they could stay home and enjoy each other instead of traveling or hosting guests. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci. A simple Easter holiday does not take away from the significance of its meaning.

I am finding that I enjoy the simple life more than before. Using what I have in our cabinets to plan and make meals, taking less trips to the store for unessential things, purging home-space of unnecessary items, cutting out toxic or superfluous people and jobs, and connecting with family members has become what is truly essential.

My hope is that all of you are in a safe situation that you can reconnect with yourselves and with family.

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