It is so sad that we live in a world that now shuns people based on their profession.

It is so sad that we have forgotten that those people run toward the gunfire and the fight and the mayhem while we run away and cower from it.

It is so sad that we assume that all of those people are corrupt and brutal based on one guy’s abhorrent actions.

It is sad that we have forgotten who we call when there is a robber, a creepy person, a rabid animal, a drunk driver, an abusive spouse, a neglected child, a drunken brawl, a stolen identity, or a family emergency.

It is sad that we now blame the people who defend our neighborhoods everyday, no matter the holiday, the occasion, or despite what they are missing in their own families.

It is sad that the people who ran into the school at Sandy Hook, or the nightclub in Florida, or the Twin Towers, or respond at the Boston Marathon, now feel the need to defend the very oaths they take in order to defend the laws civilians live by.

It is sad how quickly some of us have forgotten to be thankful for those that wear a badge.

Finally, I feel immeasurably sad at the state of our society today. The group of people whom we hold to the highest standard and put under the strongest scope have been demoralized and hurt. They are there for us when our own world falls apart; why aren’t we there for them? Let’s build them up and give them the support they need instead of picking away at them.

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