Now that businesses are reopening from being closed against their will, it is incredibly important that consumers do their part in supporting our local small businesses. I’m not talking you local Kohl’s or Wal-Mart or TJMaxx. I am talking about your local small businesses-the restaurant in town, the local gift shop, the hardware store, or the thrift store.

So here is one of my favorite stores in my tow. It has everything you need for your home or for a gift or just for yourself. The Secret Garden in Jeffersonville, NY. Jewelry, soaps, candles, books, Melissa & Doug items, accessories, and decorations for the home. If you want a real treat, stop in during Halloween and when the shop is done up for Christmas! As always in this shop, there is free gift wrapping and friendly conversation.

If you are in Sullivan County, Jeffersonville area in particular, stop in the Secret Garden. You will not be disappointed!

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