No matter how much you try to escape it, politics and the upcoming election have seeped into nearly every aspect of our lives. Friends are now divided into Red or Blue, Trump or Biden supporters. But what if you are a Green or Independence or Libertarian supporter? I bet you don’t even know who the candidates are running on their tickets. After watching the first Presidential debate, I am sure that many voters are wondering if there is another option for President. Being a member of the Independence party myself, I pay attention to the smaller political parties during the election season. Here is what I know of the candidates running on these three tickets:

  1. Green Party Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins. Supporter of the Socialist Party, legalization of marijuana, single-payer healthcare, and an original supporter of the Green New Deal. Retired Teamster from UPS in Syracuse, NY. You can check out his platform in more detail, along with his running mate, at
  2. Independence Party Presidential candidate Brock Pierce. Former child actor and cryptocurrency billionaire (if that’s actually a thing) who supports legalizing marijuana, expanding immigration policies, and eliminating carbon emissions by 2040. His website says that he hopes to swipe away enough votes from the Democratic and Republican parties so that neither gets the required 270 electoral votes to win, meaning the House of Representatives will determine the next president. This candidate has ties to Jeffrey Epstein and pedophiles but insists that he wants to end human trafficking. For information on this candidate, visit his website or
  3. Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen. She pledges to end police misconduct, no-knock warrants, end the war on drugs by decriminalizing drugs, and get rid of qualified immunity for law enforcement. Her plan to reduce government spending is to slash domestic and military spending, get rid of the federal income tax, as well as the Federal Reserve System. For more information on Jorgensen, visit her website at

These are only three of the smaller party candidates. There are many Presidential candidates, including Kanye West, but not all of them are on every state’s ballot. Your third-party options will vary depending on which state you reside. Now I can’t say that I support any of these candidates and I cannot support voting for a smaller party candidate just to take votes away from the two major parties, but I do support in-person voting. It’s important to get out there on Election Day and cast your vote for the candidate that you think will make the best decisions for our country.


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