Has any other family received communications from their school districts during the Covid pandemic that just seem pointless? Something that states that an employee or student of the district has been exposed to or diagnosed with Covid, but everything will continue to function as usual.

Our district sends a letter out like this to parents and staff members it seems on a regular basis, and it is usually announced with text messages and voicemails instructing us to check our email. This is not like the emergency that warrants texts, phone calls, and letters that are posted on every social media platform the school subscribes to. Why are we broadcasting to the world that really nothing extraordinary has happened and that there is nothing to be done about it? Unless my child has been exposed and is supposed to quarantine, I do not see the point of this useless information. If the school is not shutting down (for Covid or weather or whatever reason), then I do not care. It would be like the head of a large company telling an entry level employee that their spouse now prefers to shop at Weis instead of Shoprite. It doesn’t matter! It seems especially futile when parents and staff are already on edge, waiting for their school district to return to full remote learning again. 🤦‍♀️

So, I say save the nonsense letters. I do not care if an unnamed student or employee has been exposed or diagnosed, especially if my child has not been exposed. I care if the school has decided to close for some reason. Save the communications for the important stuff that affects families because I am done checking my emails from the school!

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