This is the third post in a series of posts to help get through spring cleaning. This week, we will take on the bathrooms.

*side note-I just realized that my post from last week just published. I must have set the wrong publishing date on it. Sorry!*

We have already tackled the two biggest areas, in my opinion, of spring cleaning – the closets and kitchen. Depending on how many bathrooms you have in your home, this one should not take as long.

  1. To start with, purge out any worn towels, washcloths, and floor mats. For any mats or linens that are staying, put them in the wash to freshen them up. If they are stored in a linen closet, wipe off any shelves and replace any contact paper. Refold and organize as you put them back in.
  2. Take everything out of the vanity and cabinets. Clean shelves and mirrors. Throw out anything expired or that you will not use (that includes the fragrance your aunt gave you that you don’t like). Do not flush expired medications down the toilet as they can harm your septic system. Replace old Band-Aids and first aid items. Organize items by category as you put them away, such as first aid and medications on top shelf, oral care on another shelf, facial care on a separate shelf, etc.
  3. Deep clean showers, tubs, sinks. Open drains to clean out leftover toothpaste and hair (yuck!). Don’t forget the faucets.
  4. Wash shower curtains and replace liners. Be sure to wipe down the top edges of showers, curtain rods, and fixtures.
  5. Wipe down door frames and moldings. Replace and wipe off light fixtures. You may be surprised at how much dust and hair ends up there.
  6. Clean toilets and floors. Replace broken or grungy toilet seats, scrub brushes, and garbage cans.
  7. If you haven’t already, clean any mirrors, sky lights, and windows in the bathroom.

Once you are done, repeat this list for any other bathrooms in the house. You may be surprised at how great your house smells after purging and cleaning the bathrooms!

Happy cleaning!

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