I know that May is over, but my son insisted that I do one more room for the Spring-Cleaning series.

It goes without say that the bedrooms can collect the most clutter and dust. Aside from closets, our bedrooms seem to be storage for so much stuff, from clothing and blankets to electronics and knick-knacks. All of this clutter can affect your state of mind and disturb your sleep. The bedrooms should serve as a sanctuary, not storage. Hopefully, this guide to purging the bedroom can help you achieve that.

  1. Strip the bed(s) of any bedding and pillows. Pull off the mattress cover; wash or replace it at this point. Flip the mattress if it is time. Clean or replace dust ruffles, duvet covers, comforters, curtains/blinds, etc. How old are your pillows? Either wash them or replace them if they are more than two years old (if they are not comfortable anymore or have stains that will not come out, it is time for new ones).
  2. Clear off any surface from trinkets, books, boxes, whatever. Put them all in another room-out of sight, out of mind for now.
  3. If you have not purged the dresser drawers yet, empty them out. Place them on your undressed bed and sort through the items as you did for your closet. Clean out the drawers with a damp cloth. When you are finished sorting through your clothes, return your keepers to their cleaned-out drawers. If you can’t find that other sock, throw it out. If it has holes in it that you did not pay for, throw it out! If it doesn’t fit anymore, throw it out; or donate it.
  4. Wipe off ceiling fans, light fixtures, walls (be sure to get in the corners), and any moldings. I am always shocked at how much dust collects in the bedroom. Clean off lamp shades, alarm clocks, remotes, etc. Dust any furniture and wipe off electronics.
  5. Clean any windows and mirrors.
  6. Now it’s time to shampoo or vacuum the carpet or rugs. If you have hardwood floors, you know what to do.
  7. Now that all of your surfaces are clean, you can start bringing those knick-knacks back in. But make them earn their spot. Are they just cluttering your nightstand or dresser? Are they broken or meaningless? If so, they toss them in the trash. Be ruthless in this process. Same with jewelry boxes and books. If it turns your finger green or is too tarnished to clean, trash it.
  8. Finally, we can make the bed! Fresh sheets, blankets, covers, and pillows are the last step to your new and improved sanctuary room!

I hope that these posts have helped you purge and clean out some of the rooms in your house. Now we are ready to enjoy the summertime with freshened rooms and decluttered minds. So, pour a cool glass of your favorite drink and enjoy the summer weather!

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