When it’s hot out, I don’t really feel like heavy or hot meals. I don’t even feel like turning on the oven or stove to cook. For me, this is sandwich season! I LOVE a good sandwich.

My absolute all-time favorite sandwich is the BLT. The classic tomato on toast with mayo or Miracle Whip is easy to make and tastes delicious, but add some bacon and crunchy lettuce and now we’ve got something even better! I prefer my tomato sammie or BLT on toasted wheat or multigrain bread. What do you prefer?

My runner-up sandwich is relatively new on my menu. A cucumber with ranch sandwich is refreshing and perfect when you are in the mood for something to crunch on. Simply slice whatever cucumber you have laying around, whether an English or Kirby or whatever. I like slicing them the long way so that they don’t slip around too much on the bread. Spread your favorite ranch dressing onto Rye or Wheat bread and stack on those cucumber slices. Not a ranch dressing fan? Then try a dill flavored spread. Scrumptious, crunchy, refreshing.

Sometimes I need a little bit more in my stomach than a tomato or cucumber sandwich. Enter the veggie sub. I like to use a hoagie roll, but I bet pita bread would be good too. Start with a light coating of mayo or Miracle Whip. Then layer on lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, sautéed yellow squash (if you have it), tomatoes, olives, banana peppers. If you want to add a little meat to it, try some pepperoni slices or deli ham. Top with shredded cheese, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. Voila!

During summer break, I find that they only time of the day that I really feel like cooking is in the morning; probably because it’s cooler out. So, recently I experimented with scrambled cheesy eggs and caramelized onions on toast. If that doesn’t sound good to you for breakfast, scramble up the eggs and caramelize the onions in the morning, or the evening before, and refrigerate. Simply make some toast when you’re ready for a sandwich, add some lettuce, maybe a little mayo, and pile on the chilled eggs and onions. So delicious!

My final sandwich suggestion lets you use up some leftovers from last night’s dinner. If you’re like us, we grill a lot during the summertime. Chicken, steaks, burgers, pork, veggies; you name it, we’ve probably put it on our grill. Use that leftover piece of chicken or steak slices on wheat or multigrain bread/toast. Try this: Toast three pieces of your bread of choice, add a light layer of mayo. Layer on lettuce, chicken or steak slices, and red onion if you have it. Then put a piece of your toast on. Next, tomato, bacon, lettuce, and top with last piece of toast. Add cheese to the bottom section if you feel the need. Yummy!

Great, now I’m hungry!

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