It’s apple picking season! I thought you would enjoy some interesting facts on the amazing apple.

  1. There are over 7500 types of apples across the world, 2500 of them are grown in the United States. The crabapple is the only variety native to the U.S. European settles brought their favorite sweeter apple varieties over.
  2. Apples are the second favorite fruit in the U.S., second only to oranges.
  3. Apples were first discovered in Kazakhstan.
  4. It takes four to five years for an apple tree to produce fruit.
  5. In order to make one gallon of cider, you will need about 35 good sized apples.
  6. Apple cider used to be the preferred drink because water carried disease. Apple cider used to be so popular that it was used as salary in some places!
  7. Apples are rich in fiber, Vitamin a and C, and potassium, making them a great source of nutrients and excellent for weight loss. Apples will also improve your memory. Apple juice was actually prescribed as an antidepressant. I guess the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away has merit!
  8. An apple’s skin contains two-thirds of its antioxidants, which maintains cell health and fights off infections. So don’t peel your apples!
  9.  Apples are made of 25% air! That’s why they float in water. Remember bobbing for apples as a kid?
  10. Apples belong to the rose family, along with peaches, raspberries, apricots, cherries, pears, and strawberries. That’s why their blossoms are so fragrant.
  11. It takes the energy from fifty leaves to produce a single apple.
  12. The first apple nursery was opened in 1730 in Flushing, New York.
  13. China and the United States produce the greatest number of apples in the world. Washington and New York are the top apple-producing states.
  14. Red Delicious is the most popular apple and the most produced apple in the U.S.
  15. Malusdomesticaphobia is the fear of apples. Well, there’s a name for it, so someone out there is afraid of apples.
  16. The Granny Smith apple was discovered in the late 1800’s by an actual Grandma Smith in Australia.
  17. Apple blossoms and seeds have small amounts of a substance that is metabolized as cyanide. Don’t worry though; it would take over 200 apple seeds to poison a human.
  18. Apples helped Sir Isaac Newton discover gravity.
  19. In Latin, the same word (malum) is used for ‘apple’ and ‘evil’. This is probably where early Christians got the idea that apples were evil. Even though many associate the apple as the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden, it most likely was not an apple.
  20. Apples help ripen other fruit. They produce ethylene gas with accelerates ripening in things around it.

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