Whenever I pass by and see an athletic field, I can’t help but feel excited. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baseball field, or a soccer pitch, or a track, or a stadium of some kind; I just can’t help but feel the anxiety and drama that goes along with competition.

It could be a youth baseball field next to a dairy farm, or the newest indoor hockey or basketball arena; it doesn’t matter to me. The brilliant green surface with bright white or orange lines detailing the field bask in sunlight. The dugouts or benches that sit just outside of the field eagerly wait to support the athletes during their competition. Metal bleachers and plastic seats cool off and warm up in their angst to host parents and fans of the players. The cement and steel structures rise up out of the ground and yearn to be filled with enthusiastic fans cheering and booing noisily. Asphalt or grass parking lots will fill up with visitors and witness their anticipation going into the event and their emotion coming out.

All of the parts to an athletic field work together, like the teams competing on them, to give its visitors and athletes a few hours of an escape from the world surrounding it.

Athletic fields give off a sense of excitement and pageantry when teams meet. Players wear vibrant colors and shining equipment. There’s angst to score more points than the other team. Players are desperate to hit the ball farther, run faster, shoot accurately, jump farther, etc. Will they block the shot or get it by the goalie? Will they stop the run or steal the ball? Will they outsmart the defense? It’s all up to fate.

In a good game or contest, the audience cheers loudly, encouraging their team to outlast the other. Can you here the fans? Let’s go guys! Or Way to go! Or Go! Go! Go! Or Yeah! There is emotion throughout each contest and with each outcome. Sometimes there is anger or frustration, even sadness with a loss, while there is joy and even pride with victory.

There’s just something about an athletic field that makes me excited. How about you?

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