Who knew that there was symmetry in a bowling alley?

Bowling alleys can be loud, chaotic, and full of clashing colors. Many seem outdated, dingy, and smell of stale popcorn.

Beyond the noise, smell, and clashing colors, bowling alleys are full of order.

Bowling lanes next to each other perfectly straight. Colorful bowling balls lined up in neat rows. Grid lines on each score sheet. Look closer and you see that even the strips of wood that make up each lane are lined up straight. If you look even closer, you can see the year lines in each strip of wood making up the lanes.

On a deeper level, each of those year lines, in each strip of wood, in each bowling lane tells the story of the tree it came from. Where did the tree come from? How old was it when it was harvested? What was the weather like where it came from?

That’s a lot to comprehend just in a bowling alley.


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