Rock Paper Scissors is a psychological thriller full of plot twists and fantastic suspense that will have you at the edge of your seat devouring the pages.

Mr. and Mrs. Wright have been married for a while, but things are not going well anymore. Adam is a screenwriter who suffers from facial blindness and cannot recognize friends or family members. She works at an animal shelter and sees just how ugly people can be. They celebrate each wedding anniversary with the traditional gifts – paper, cotton, tin – and she secretly writes a letter to Adam, never letting him read it but the reader does. At one point, she befriends a co-worker at the shelter who will change everything.

Adam and Amelia win a weekend trip to Scotland. This trip could save their struggling marriage or break them up for good. The weekend starts with traveling in a storm, then discovering that they are actually staying in an isolated and old church. Inside the church-turned-residence, the couple finds that it ready for them specifically – delicious food in the freezer, wine in the creepy cellar, and a bedroom decorated just like the one from home. When Adam questions Amelia on how she won the Scottish weekend away, she says that she randomly won it. But was it random? Could the grey-haired hermit living in the nearby cottage know what it going on? Before they leave, Adam and Amelia are about to discover that each has disturbing secrets that will change how they see each other forever.

Rock Paper Scissors is definitely one of my new favorite books! It is well thought out, deviously twisting and turning, and absolutely addictive. This book will keep any reader engaged, no matter what genre is preferred. Since the big reveal is at the end of the book, I may go back and reread this book with the ending in mind. I highly recommend this book for any reader’s collection.

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