This week’s “silence” photo challenge could easily have been a picture of a wintry wooded scene (Sullivan County, NY just got about 10 inches of snow). Perhaps that will be my second picture this week.

However, here is one that every mother out there knows well and cherishes. It’s that hour or so in which the house is quiet, after the kids are asleep and your husband is tucked away in bed. It could be 11:00 pm or 7:30 pm. No matter what the time is, it is mom time. The house has been busy all day with toys, make-pretend games, cooking, cleaning, TV’s, phones, and every other noise that’s everyday in a home. Finally, not a creature is stirring and silence overtakes the house. Ahhh! Whether it is spent reading, giving yourself a manicure, enjoying a glass of wine in the dark, or catching up on your shows, mom time is sacred and can be spent in a variety of way, depending on individual needs.  20180119_230433814456075.jpgSo here’s to that precious quiet time at the end of the day …. cheers!


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