There several things in this photo which I took while sitting on a dock this weekend on Kauneonga Lake in Sullivan County, NY.

First, there is the obvious. The clouds and water are always shifting and changing; they are never in the same place nor do they stay the same shape for long. In fact, moments after I took this picture, a single dark cloud started to make its way over the hill. Within a half hour, this sunny evening on the deck turned into a rainy one.

Next, the summer season, and the warm weather it brings, is never permanent, unfortunately. I suppose when we are enduring the chill of the winter season, we just have to keep exactly that in mind: winter is not permanent.

Lastly, the trees on the hillside are transient as well. They sprout up out of the ground, they grow, fall down, shed their leaves, and some even produce fruits or nuts.

With that being said, since summer is transient, get out there and enjoy it while it lasts!


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