There is a lot of activity in the life of an energetic 4-year old boy. While I love to watch him conquer slides and playgrounds, race up and down our driveway on his bike, charge through the house as fast as he can so he can crash into the couch, and pretend to fly secret missions or rescue damsels in distress, I enjoy the moments when he is still.

One afternoon last year, my husband and I took our son to a local playground, where he spent hours zooming all over. Eventually, my husband and I got tired out and hungry for something other than the snacks I had in my bag. Yes, that’s right – My husband and I were tired and hungry first, even though my son was the one running around for hours! So, we ended up nearby at the Callicoon Brewery, which has great fries and sandwiches. My son thought that waiting for his French fries was excruciating and boring, so much so that he pouted the entire wait. This is a photo, which my husband calls “waiting on fries”, that was taken on one of our cell phones at the table we were sitting at.

via Photo Challenge: Waiting


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