Did you know that all public facilities that were once separated by sex, such as locker rooms and bathrooms, are now all gender? Have you heard that activities, like sports, are separated by the gender that you identify as instead of how you were born? I bet you didn’t know that in several states criminals are placed in prisons based on the gender they identify as? There can also no longer be any ‘women only’ events. These are all true and attack what it is to be a woman or a girl.

The Abolition of Sex discusses how the current ‘gender identity’ movement is harmful, especially to women and girls. That’s not to say that it is not harmful to men and boys either. As a mother of a son, I am not comfortable with the fact that a biological female who thinks that she is a boy can legally be in a locker room or bathroom that my son is using. That includes restaurants, schools, hotels, movie theatres, stadiums, etc. That means that if a family is at a Binghamton Rumble Ponies baseball game or at Madison Square Gardens and they let their daughters go to the bathroom on their own, they may encounter an adult male in the female bathroom, even if the male is fully aroused and exposed. Our elected officials determined that this is okay and completely normal.

The NCAA has even bought into this. Have you heard of the male swimmer on the University of Pennsylvania swim team? A man who has competed in male collegiate sports is competing as a female, Lia Thomas, this year and destroying female competition. Current Olympians on the team are finishing second to him. Knowing that many parents of Lia’s teammates, as well as the teammates themselves, strongly opposed him being allowed to compete as a female, they have been instructed not to talk to the media about the issue or risk losing scholarships and spots on the team. However, a female track athlete considered to be too masculine is not allowed to compete against women! If you disagree with this, then the NCAA and our elected officials think you are closed-minded and homophobic.

Kara Dansky explains in her short book exactly how laws like the Equality Act are harmful to single-sex activities and spaces. Women have worked for over a hundred years to protect the fact that women are different biologically but deserve equal rights and opportunities to men. That includes the right to vote, hold public office, use public facilities safely, make decisions for their own body, compete in sports, etc. Women have progressed from being considered property, subservient, and inferior to men to being independent beings that can become whatever they want to.

Now the transgender and gender identity movement is attacking what it is to be a woman as well as being gay or lesbian. Women are biologically different than males. We can grow another human being inside of us; males cannot do that, no matter how they identify or how they mutilate their bodies to look like a woman. It says so right in our DNA! If a woman is attracted to other women, she is considered lesbian; that does not mean she has to become a man. The same is true for men; if a man is attracted to other men, he does not have to become a woman. The transgender movement will erase gay and lesbianism. Let me ask you this – If a person can identify as another sex despite biology, then can another race identify as another race?

This short book is packed full of factual information that will open your eyes to a serious problem. There are very real threats and consequences that are being waged on our society, on our youth, and the rights and safety of women and girls. There is no hiding the fact that the world looks to the United States for leadership and as an example in what to do. The world sees this ‘gender identity’ movement infecting our society, you can bet it is infecting other societies.


  1. It seems in many ways we are drastically regressing as a society, this in the name of ‘progressiveness.’ Thanks for being brave enough to share this post and calling out what seems to be continually ignored by so many.

      1. It is very much for myself as well. I have a young son, and here in Canada we seem to be leading the charge in these regressive ideologies. Although it is not easy, and I continue to lose people in my life for speaking truthfully about issues like these, I won’t stop fighting for my sons future or that of humanity.

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