Looking for a cook book that is not only helpful and practical in the kitchen, but also pretty enough to display? Alex Guarnaschelli has put together such a book in The Home Cook. Coming from a life of cooks and cookbook editors, Alex is a mother of a young child and20180101_1314181774258421.jpg has created this attractive cookbook with realistic meals that all ingredients can be found in most grocery stores. The recipes seem to be tried and true from her family and her experience as a professional chef.

Easy to make meals, desserts, and cocktails for your family or for guests that taste great, such as the Bacon-Wrapped Roasted Chicken or the Dark Chocolate Muffins, fill this book cover to cover. Not only are the recipes easy to follow and the ingredients practical, Alex has designed these dishes so t20180101_1315561853581228.jpghat there is not a lot of clean up after the meal is served. Stress-free cooking + no big clean up + dinner on the table = more time spent with family, or with guests. These really are recipes to know by heart!

The book is organized as most cookbooks are – appetizers, dips, soups, then dinners, sides, salads, then cookies and desserts, breads and cocktails. Most recipes have an attractive picture of the finished product as well as a note from the author about the recipe or a tip on how to serve it. Everyday chicken cutlets are easily turned into fabulous cutlets with sage and prosciutto (which is what we are having tonight!), or plain cauliflower becomes a cauliflower steak, or caramel apple pie becomes crustless! (Oh my, I’m getting hungry just writing this!)

I would highly recommend The Home Cook, recipes to know by heart for every house that enjoys great home-cooked meals that are realistic for today’s family lifestyle! Perfect for house-warming, newly weds, or even just to update your cookbook collection!


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