20151126_161914-1My name is Kelly Schadt-Kelly. I am a mother, a wife, a coach, a novice blogger, and an avid reader. My experiences traveling, working in a public schooling system, coaching high school sports, being a wife and mother, and leading a healthier lifestyle provide more than enough material to write about.

Growing up in rural upstate New York, my life is what I would call ordinary. I grew up on a farm with both parents and my sister. We had a plethora of animals on our farm – horses, dogs, cats, cows at one point, a donkey, a bull, and a hamster – which meant that there was always something to do. I grew up in a time before cell phones, wireless internet, and even cable in our area. That meant that conversations were mostly face-to-face, kids rode bikes (up hill both ways) or walked to visit each other. The most advanced piece of technology that I owned was a Walkman, later a portable cd player. Kids actually read monthly magazines, like Seventeen, to catch up on the latest fad and magazine music clubs to get the latest songs. Still, no one emerges from childhood unscathed by school, peers, or parents.

After college, I traveled to California. I would come home to visit my parents during the holidays, and each time I would drive. Knowing that I wouldn’t be free from the responsibilities of adulthood forever, I wanted to see as much of the country as possible. So, I never traveled the same road twice, and I loved every moment of being on the road. I recommend that everyone should take the time to travel around our country at least once in their lifetime. From mountain peaks to flat and endless plains, from desert to swamps and bayous, from fast-paced city life to deserted ghost towns and places that time has forgotten, there is so much to see and so much to experience. The mental pictures of places that I will never see again will last a lifetime. One may never get to see or do it all!

I spent 9 years working in an office in a local public high school, as well as coaching high school sports. The time that I spent there made me disheartened about our education system. Administrators appear out of touch and entitled. Students seem disinterested and angry. My frustrations eventually took a toll on my family, which is the most important thing to me, so I made the decision to leave my dead-end job. Once I adapted from my highly structured day to one that is much freer, life at home became much easier. I still coach high school sports and enjoy the unique challenges that each season brings. Most of all, I can now put my family first and enjoy spending time with them without the pointless pressures I shouldered while working in a high school. Now family, writing, reading, and living a healthy lifestyle can be foremost.

I plan to post book reviews, recipes, lifestyle and parenting advice, and fitness related articles. I hope that the material that you find on this site is enjoyable and that you visit often. Constructive feedback is always welcome!