My focus is always on him.

As a mother, I strive to provide a happy childhood for my son. I hope he has adventures, make friends, knows that he is loved, and learns from his mistakes. I want his childhood to filled with fun things like sleigh rides and hot chocolate, watermelon and cheeseburgers, pool parties and water guns, playgrounds and leaf piles, ice pops and smores. I think most parents try very hard to make their children’s childhood carefree and fun-filled. Their children are their focus.

His focus is not always on me.

My son wants to explore and experience everything that he can. He likes to examine flowers and plants, catch fireflies and worms, look at the stars and planets, go on trips to new places, run as fast and jump as high as he can, and dream big. Some days he is a fireman, a cowboy, a Marshall, a dragon, a baseball player, or Superman. Most kids have fantasies about being one  of these things when they grow up. Their focus is on the future.

I secretly just want to hold him and hope that he stays my four-year old forever. My eyes are always on him. However, his eyes are on the future, on growing up, and taking the world on.


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