As the holiday season gets into full speed, try to slow down and take in the beauty of the season. Everything seems to be all dressed up – decorated trees, mantels and fireplaces, windows displays, and houses. Even food is decorated now like no other time of the year!

We tend to get caught up in the frenzy of making everything picture perfect, finding the perfect gifts, wanting the perfect gift, attending or hosting parties, and stretching ourselves to thin financially and emotionally. It’s exhausting and overwhelming at times. So, try to keep it simple and realistic. Easy, right? Of course!


If you need help, just visit the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge for this week and look at the serene posts that are up this week. This one I took at Oliveri’s Crystal Lake House restaurant located outside of Carbondale, Pa. Their lake house has the perfect deck to eat and enjoy a summer sunset while overlooking Crystal Lake. And as the chill of winter is setting in, my thoughts return to this deck and the warm summer evening and I start to feel better knowing that Summer will return in approximately 200 days.




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