Alison McGhee’s poetic tale of a little girl who is determined to fly is a must for a child’s bookcase. Bravery, determination, and dreaming big are all lessons your young reader will take from this tale. Also, it is clear why Taeeun Yoo’s illustrations in Only a Witch Can Fly earn a spot on the New York Times Best Illustrated list. Soft lines in her detailed illustrations literally paint a picture of the little girl’s home and family, and her struggle to fly.

A young girl, who longs to fly, and her family have just returned home from Trick-or-Treating. The dark Autumn night and bright full moon tug at her desire to fly. In the middle of the night, she can’t take it anymore. She grabs her broom and her robe and heads outside, black cat following behind. She crashes and feels awful, but she is determined and tries again. The illustrations show her little brother watching and supporting her from sides. With another try, she soars into the air on her broom with her faithful black cat seated beside her. She flys high over her home, a reservoir, past the moon, and returns safely to her waiting family.

It turns out that you can do anything with a big dream, a little determination, and plenty of support from your family.

only a witch can fly 2

“Hold tight to your broom and float past the stars,

and turn to the heavens and soar.

For only a witch can fly past the moon.

Only a witch can fly.”

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