This is a great bedtime book for any child, especially those who are afraid of a monster in their room. Helen Ketteman has created an adorable and clever story showing kids that even little monsters have fears.

The little monster is getting ready for bed. His mother reads him a story, gets him to take a bath, and helps him check under his bed for little children. He has a snack, has to brush his teeth, and needs his favorite toy to sleep with. The little monster’s mother even has to come back into his room to turn on the night-light. The soft-colored illustrations add to the mellow mood of this bedtime story. Pastel shades of yellow, green, purple, and blue are excellent choices for winding down young and active imaginations.

Goodnight little monster under the bed

This adorable little monster goes through a bedtime routine that is so similar to ours that it was comical to read with my son. It showed my son that even little monsters are worried about “little children” hiding under the bed or in the closet; that they have to brush their teeth before going to bed; that even monster need their favorite toy to snuggle with and the night-light on.

If you are looking for an entertaining nighttime story for you and your child, this is a must-have!

I’ll leave you with a favorite clip of mine from the book.

“It’s dark, Little Monster!

Bedtime is soon.

Come out on the porch

to howwwllll at the moon.”

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