“There’s a sword in the stove! Who would put a sword in the stove?”

The Sword in the Stove is a unique story, for ages 4 and over, about Eenie and Meenie looking for Harold and discovering a sword in the stove. The whimsically illustrated pages and dialogue are reminiscent of Monty Python. Classic medieval knight vs dragon story with a twist!

The premise of this 40 page book is the chefs are hungry and looking to prepare a meal, but cannot find Harold. Where is he? When they look in the stove, they find a sword as well as other knightly objects. They discuss the possibilities of who would put these object in the stove and end up finding their answer, and possibly Harold, right at the end of the book.

My son and I enjoy this book immensely. The slapstick comedy makes me think of Monty Python and Abbott and Costello. There are terms in this book, such as “Gribnif”, that my son has adopted into his vocabulary. I think that if I hear another child use some of the catchy phrases from this book, like “Wobbling Wizards” or “Holy Haddock”, I’ll know exactly where they got it from.

Each component of this book compliments the others. The font size and typeface are easy to read and go along with the medieval theme. The dialogue and two main characters embody silliness at its best. The bright and entertaining illustrations take the book to another level of comedy. The reader cannot help to laugh at the antics of Eenie and Meenie as they ponder the disappearance of Harold.

This book is a must-have for your child’s book collection!

“Who’s up for dessert?”


Dormer, Frank W. The Sword in the Stove. 2016.Athenuem Books for Young Readers.

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