Young witches all over are preparing to go Miss Thornapple’s boarding school. All of the students, which are all girls, are picked up by a flying bus and brought to Miss 20171017_1736391093355971.jpgThornapple’s. The girls spend the school year making new friends while learning chemistry, mathematics, performing arts, and phys ed. They also go for hikes at night, which are dull without a thunder-storm. At the end of the school year, the young witches get back on the flying bus, which takes them all home.

This is an adorable book aimed at an elementary-aged reader. The story is clever and told in rhymes. The illustrations are more like cartoon movies, making the pages feel like they are moving and fluid rather than regular illustrations. With Santoro’s background as an artist on animated films like Bee Movie, it makes sense 20171017_173853856311290.jpgthat his illustrations would be movie-like. I imagine that young girls this time of year would enjoy reading this book, or having this book read to them. Some of the words seem advanced for the reading level – words like “apparent”, “transparent”, and “pragmatic” – but why dumb down a book just because of young readers? It’s good for young kids to learn difficult words that make them think. It raises their vocabulary, and what’s wrong with that?

This book fell flat in our house, probably because our son is interested in trucks, planes, cowboys, and racecars. No matter what, this is a must-have for any child’s bookcase during the Halloween season!



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