Anyone who reads my book reviews can probably tell that I am a parent sending my son off to school for the first time this fall. Many of the new books that we have are themed for Kindergarten. However, I think I need them to settle my anxiety about it more than he does.

On The First Day of Kindergarten is structured like the Christmas carol “Twelve Days of Christmas”. Each time you turn the page, there is another day of Kindergarten and a new activity is added to a list of thin20180801_1429141873592298282241352.jpggs to do in school. The twelve activities highlight things that could cause a new Kindergartener, or a parent, to be a little nervous, such as riding the school bus, or making a new friend, or playing on the playground. The pages are illustrated with soft water coloring using a combination of warm-colors and 20180801_1426354714142027032870488.jpgcomplimenting bold colors to bring kindergartener and their school to life. There are plenty of things to notice on each page, most of the things I picture in a real Kindergarten classroom. By the end of the twelfth day in Kindergarten, readers can feel at ease with all that they have accomplished and what they can look forward to in school.

Trish Rabe and Laura Hughes have come together in a quick and easy-to-read book for parents to read with their soon-to-go-to-Kindergarten-er. Even though my son wasn’t really excited about this book, he did say that he was going to go down a slide a recess and enjoy riding the school bus just like the main character in this book. It is probably more interesting for girls than for boys, but no matter which one you have I know you’ll be singing the words of the story just like “Twelve Days of Christmas.”



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