Go To School, Little Monster by Helen Ketteman and illustrated by Bonnie Leick is bright and clever book following a little monster as he embarks on his first day of school. It is a second book for the pair, following Go To Bed, Little Monster, and continues the whimsical and not-so-scary monster theme that makes Little Monster so loveable.

Little Monster is going to school at Horace Arachnid Academy for the first time and is a tad bit nervous. He meets his teacher, Mr. Drool, who guides him into the classroom. Little Monster meets Fang, who seems scary with his sharp teeth and frightening pictures. However, Fang shares his lunch with Little Monster when he realizes he forgot his lunch and counts with him during math time. Soon enough, Little Monster is showing Fang off as his new friend at show and tell. By the end of the day, Little Monster is sad to leave his new friends and teacher. Good thing he’ll be back the next day!

20180716_1841247773900685272716647.jpgKetteman uses cute and easy to read rhymes to describe Little Monster’s first day of school. For any little person nervous about starting Kindergarten or First Grade, or even if the parents are a little nervous, this story will soothe those who are most apprehensive about starting school. Soft water coloring and creative illustrations bring to life Little Monster’s classroom, teacher, and new friends.


In this story, Little Monster is faced with a few everyday challenges that he must overcome. Thanks to his teacher, Little Monster learns how to navigate things like meeting new monsters, playing at recess (where he gets to ride a dragon!), solving a dilemma when he forgets his lunch and has to try new food, and using teamwork to solve a math problem.

This book is a must-have for any family’s bookcase, especially if Kindergarten is right around the corner!

“It may be different, but different is good.” We all could learn from this little book!


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