A Snowman Named Just Bob is a heartwarming story about an unexpected November snow storm that quickly covers the town with snow. As the wind whipped and the snow fell, a whisper tells a child to roll as many snowflakes as they could into a ball “’till he could be, and be with me, in shape and form and all.” The child is not sure where to begin and that they won’t be able to build a perfect snowman. A message appears and reassures the child, who then runs inside to get everyone to help build a grand snowman, named just “Bob”.

“Some coal for eyes,

a carrot nose,

some sticks,

a scarf,

a hat.

A smile so wide

it warmed your heart,

a coat,

and that was that.”

     Bob is thankful for their kindness and in being created.  He leaves a message of friendship with the family and tells them that even when it warms up and he melts, he will always be near. “….put a sign in your front yard that reads just “Bob” was here.”


My son brought this book home from his school library the day after a snow storm and the coldest temperatures of the winter hit our area. We read it together several times over the following days, while the snow outside still freshly covered our lawn and trees. It follows a similar story to Frosty the Snowman. An unforecasted snow brings a magical snowman who teaches children that friendship is precious and always there, even when the person, or snowman, is not right next to you. “…just like all good faithful friends, Bob is always near.”


The author is creative in the rhythmic wording and flowing sentences. The illustrations are heartwarming and use soft, nostalgic colors. However, the font is difficult at times to read. Still, this is a great family book, but would also be good for a friend moving away or a child going off to college.


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