Kids books about space are usually a hit in our house. Unfortunately, this one is an overall miss. Pages without complete sentences, sometimes just one word, make it difficult to read in a flow or rhythm or to learn. If each page spread had a complete sentence on it, then it would be easier to show the different laws of gravity.


The illustrations are one of the only things I enjoyed about this book. Aside from them being soft colored and detailed, the illustrations are entertaining and reinforce the topic. They depict what would happen if there was no gravity – things on Earth would float away, the planets would drift away from the Sun, and we would lose our moon.


The last two pages of the book provide the most interesting and educational part of the book, making it the other part of the book that my son and I enjoyed. The More About Gravity section still uses charming illustrations to make the laws of gravity make sense for young learners – More Mass = More Gravity, gravity gets weaker with distance, how to measure gravity.


Overall, this book is disappointing. You only need the last two pages to appreciate the illustrations and learn the basics of gravity.



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