In case you haven’t guessed, I LOVE snowmen. I enjoy seeing freshly made snowmen in yards and fields. I love snowmen decorations. I especially love books with snowmen in them! This cute story is a must read for the young reader in your life (probably 2nd grade or younger).


The mayor of Mouseville has annouced that there will be a town snowman contest in two weeks. Whichever mouse makes the biggest snowman will win a prize! All of young mice are planning their snowmen. Fortunately, it snowed and snowed that night and the mice got busy r0110201548~23246489429273376705..jpgight away building their snowmen. Two boys, Clayton and Desmond, try to build the biggest snowmen, even using wheelbarrows to haul in snow from nearby. On a break, they go to see the other snowmen in town and notice that they are all of similar size. As they start working on their own snowmen again, they come up with an idea. If they work together and combine their snow, then they will be able to build a bigger and better snowman! When the judges arrive on the morning of the contest, Clayton and Desmond have built the biggest snowman ever!


The Biggest Snowman Ever is a wonderful story with a lesson to be learned. The text is appropriate for young readers to follow along or even read on their own. The more challenging words can easily be sounded out. The water-colored illustrations are adorable and will give the reader a sense of being at the snowman competition. I am a fan of any story that young readers can learn a lesson as well as challenge their reading skills and vocabulary. And of course the snowmen!




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