Schools have been using distance learning in my area since the beginning of March. Recently, our Governor decreed that school buildings will remain close for the remainder of the school year. That does not mean that education has stopped; education has gone online and virtual. This is new for most families, especially at the high school and elementary level.


Increased screen time and poor internet connections only add to the stress and anxiety for many households. Parents are now tasked with making sure their child(ren) are logging into their distance learning programs and completing the work that teachers have posted. The amount of work seems daunting at times but take it one thing at a time and you will get through it. To add to the stress level of students and their families during this time, there are educators out there that are not providing an adequate amount of, or any in some cases, lessons and academic work. Of course, there are the students out there that are not participating in distance learning for a variety of reason, some being that they already have the credits to graduate or simply do not care. So, I suppose that there are slackers on each side of the coin.

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For the most part, I think that teachers and students are trying their best to get as much as they can out of a crappy situation.


Keep in mind that adding stress is not worth it. Assignments and lessons can be completed at your convenience, when learning for you is best. Be patient with others on your Zoom or online class who may not have the best internet connection. Trust me, they do not like their connection either. Think of your posture when you are sitting in front of your computer or tablet. All of this screen time does not mean that we should get headaches, back pain, or hunched posture. Get lots of rest and stay hydrated. And most of all, be patient with your family members. Try to enjoy the time you have with them now because this will never happen again, hopefully.

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