As I sit at my kitchen table this morning, I find myself wondering how did the months of June, July, and August go by so quickly. They do not have a lesser amount of days than other months. Their days are actually longer than other months. So why do they seem to go by so much faster than the other months of the year?

Perhaps it’s because we pack as many trips, parades, barbeques, birthday parties, camp, weddings, and sun worshiping sessions as we can into about 10 to 11 weeks. The longer days of Summer mean more games of tag, more time in the pool, more time in the garden, more front porch sitting. Warm and sunny days invite us to take the long way home, explore a new road, roll down the windows and let the wind mess up our hair.

Even the nights don’t want to sleep during the Summer. They are alive with
frogs and crickets chatting away, fireflies dotting the landscape with a light shofirefliesw, moths fluttering about looking for porch lights, and all sorts of creepy crawly critters going about their business. Nighttime itself even seems unwilling to settle in late, and leaves earlier than usual in the morning.

Looking at the September calendar on the wall, I recall that only a few weeks ago I did not need the kitchen light  to see my way around in the early morning hours. I could look out my window at this time, cup of coffee in hand, and see my pool on the back deck. In fact, the windows would be open and I could smell the cut grass scent mixing with the leftover charbroil smell from the grill, and the occasional whiff of chlorine from the pool. I’d only be accompanied by the hum of the pool filter, chirping birds, buzzing bee, and occasional car passing by. Sometimes I’d even have my coffee outside; I’d watch sunshine spread across the tree branches and then reach down to the lawn. The steam from my coffee seemed to combine with the steam from evaporating dew or fog. Summer mornings seem magical.

But now, it’s dark outside. The windows are closed; I can hear a heavy breeze blowing across the lawn. Not a gentle summer breeze that rustles the leaves on the trees like wind in your hair. This breeze blows from the north and sinks right down to the ground, leaving a chill in the air. Then a new sound comes from the pre-dawn darkness outside of my window – dried up leaves skidding along the deck. The first of many to fall from the trees.20160908_132157

Even the once glorious and colorful garden outside has lost it’s luster. Bold yellow and soft lavender flower petals now dot my driveway and sidewalks. They used to cling to tall and lush green stems which have turned droopy and olive-colored. It’s as though the gardens themselves are losing energy and are thinking about taking a long nap.

It’s the time of year when the days are 80 degrees, but nights are in the 50’s. Time to have the air conditioner on in the afternoon, but an extra blanket is needed at night.

And then I hear it. The official sound of the end of summer; a school bus rolling past our house. I hear its brakes as it slows down for the sharp turn just past our driveway. At first it’s a sad sound to me, marking the end of all that is Summer. Then, my thoughts turn to warm Autumn days and chilly evenings. That means leggings and boots, sweaters and tunics, pumpkin spices in desserts and coffee, Oktoberfest and football.

It is certainly sad that Summer is ending, but here comes the cozy season of Autumn! Get out there and enjoy it!


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