Why am I so distracted on a windy day?

Is it the drone of the wind in the trees,

Or perhaps I am hypnotized as they dance and sway.

I wonder if any have friends with Dutch Elm Disease.


Why does my mind wander on a windy day?

Is it because of my longing to travel,

Or the cash that yearns to be frittered away?

Boy, my mind has really started to unravel.


Why do I daydream more on a windy day?

Is it the cozy smell of a nearby woodstove,

Or the reminiscing of a past holiday?

Time traveling – I’ll let my mind just rove.


I am so distracted on this windy day,

After this, there is nothing more that I can say.

the-windy-day-by-mal-bray – Photograph by Mal Bray, The Windy Day

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