“Hey, Kid! Did you know that Dragons love tacos?”

Author Adam Rubin and Illustrator Daniel Salmieri have come together to create an entertaining story with playful illustrations that parents can enjoy with their kids. 40 pages of bright watercolor pictures take the reader through several reason why dragons could possibly love tacos. Perhaps it’s the sound of the sizzling pan or the crispy tortillas. Either way, one thing is for sure, if you are going to make friends with dragons then you are going to need A LOT of tacos! And be sure to get rid of the spicy salsa. Why? You’ll have to read Dragons Love Tacos to find out.

This book is great for kids ages 3-7. My son loves to read this book with me because the storyline and pictures are silly, the dragons are friendly and have only tacos on their mind, and there is a big taco party for dragons. This book is entertaining every time we sit down to read it, and we have read this book over and over again.

My only criticism of this book is the use of the word “hate”on page 5. It seems unnecessary and another word could have easily been chosen in its place. If your child can’t read yet, then I suppose you could substitute “hate” with another word of your choice, such as dislike or don’t enjoy or can’t stand.

If you and your child like dragons, tacos, parties, or silly stories, then this is a must have for your child’s bookcase!

“After all, Dragons love tacos.” And who doesn’t love dragons?

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