Classic Berenstain Bears tale with an important lesson embedded within. The Berenstain Bear family can be relied on to teach family values and life lessons that can shape well-rounded and capable kids. This one is about knowing right from wrong and that appearances can be deceiving.

Brother and Sister want to go trick-or-treating with their friends, without their parents for the first time. They have great costumes, have planned which houses to visit, and which place not to go. So they leave with their friends, but run into a group of kids out making mischief. They end up in front of the house they had planned to not visit, ready to pull pranks on it. However, the “witch” who lived there was not as she appeared. When the kids went inside, they were in for a pleasant surprise. candied applesThis is a great book for kids just starting to learn about Halloween traditions. There are pumpkin patches, changing leaves, costume preparations, and trick-or-treating. The illustrations and colors are classic Berenstain, which my 4-year old enjoys. It also has valuable life lessons for kids to absorb: 1. know the difference between what is right and what is wrong; 2. appearances can be deceiving or don’t just a book by its cover. Critics of this book complain that kids should not be trick-or-treating by themselves, but keep in mind that this book was published in 1985 – a very different time from now.

I highly recommend this kids Halloween book for any Berenstain fan or any child learning about this time of year.

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