This week’s photo challenge really got me longing for spring and summer weather. As the northeast continues to recover from multiple Nor’easter storms and as we watch the mounds of leftover icy and crusty snow melt ever so slowly, one cannot help but picture themselves in a park during the summer, or on a hot beach somewhere, or even in an Adirondack chair on their lawn soaking up sun.

This photo was taken on a family trip to Boston this past summer. It was a summer afternoon and we took a Duck Boat Tour, which I would highly recommend. During the tour, we drove past Boston Commons, where I snapped this quick picture. When I see it now, I can remember the hot sun that day, the serenity of Boston Commons, and that there was no snow or ice in sight. The pleasant late spring and summer weather is just around the corner, right?

What would you fellow northeasterners rather be doing?

I’d Rather Be…

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