I am new to the daily word prompt challenge, so bear with me if this does not suffice.

As a resident of the Northeast, specifically upstate New York, I can say that there is only one thing that can provoke an immediate reaction from most of its residents. It’s not politics or March Madness; it’s the weather.

By the end of February, most people could see their lawns, even the tips of some daffodils and tulips bravely poked up through the ground. I even started to question the Groundhog’s predictions of six more weeks of winter. After a particularly cold and harsh winter, I was lured into the enticement of an early spring. However, March roared in like a lion with not only Nor’easter Riley within its first few days, but followed it up with Quinn and Skylar! That’s three Nor’easters in two weeks! Trees and power lines fell under the weight of over three feet of snow after the February thaw. Gardens that were starting to wake up are now covered in a frigid white blanket at least three feet deep. The sunny 50 degree weather is replaced with a constant grey sky and temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s, with wind chills in the teens.

So if you happen to talk to a Northeastern resident, it’s best not to bring up the weather for now.


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