The fountain of youth … we all look for it and crave it at some point in our lives. We try serums, injections, lotions, pills, chemical peals, and even surgery to look more youthful or alter a feature that we aren’t happy with. It could be when we are teenagers or when we are post 50, but we all experience the desire.

No matter what the reason or how old we are, there is still the question – Is cosmetic surgery good or bad for us?

Some argue that it could boost self confidence and help a person reach a goal to becoming more attractive according to societal standards. It also could alleviate medical issues, such as breast reduction or deviated septum. However, there are plenty of reasons out there to not have cosmetic surgery. It is expensive and not always permanent. Facelifts and breast implants have to be redone after a certain number of years. There is also a chance that the surgeon may not understand exactly what you want and does not give you exactly what you are hoping for. Side affects like scars and rippling skin may not be what you had in mind either. Also, just as getting tattooes for some people, cosmetic surgery can be addictive. Once one feature is altered or enhanced, such as breast implants, the patient could then just move on to the next imperfect feature, such as their nose or tummy. The industry doesn’t help the addiction either; it is the only kind surgery that I have ever heard of offers like two-for-one, or holiday discounts, or family-and-friends-package.

No matter what your position is, it cannot be denied that introducing a chemical or altering our bodies has risks. Even if the surgery and recovery turn out perfectly, it will not improve any kind of underlying mental health issue.

So what do you think? Is cosmetic surgery good or bad for us?

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