In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, this Topic Tuesday is about ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts? People’s perception of what a ghost is varies (leftover energy after someone dies, harmful demons spreading evil, spirits of loved ones guiding us), but the debate remains.

It is human nature to be skeptical of things we cannot prove or see. Just as there is a debate on the existence of God or some version of a God, the existence of ghosts or spirits can be debated. Some argue that we cannot see, or photograph, or speak with God, then He/She does not exist. Same with ghosts. Additionally, has anyone ever seen a corpse raised from the grave? I haven’t seen any undead walking about. Why is it that ghost hunters always hear or feel something, but their high-tech equipment cannot capture a clear picture or convincing sound bite? Skeptics could argue that humans just can’t accept the fact that after a life is over, death is the end; there is no eternal afterlife, a heaven or hell, a different dimension that we go to. Seems finite to me, but absolutely ghostspossible.

As there are many arguments against the existence of ghosts, there are twice as many in favor of the idea. Those that a believe in a God believe that ghosts exist. In death, it is thought that we rise to eternal life with God, but perhaps some get stuck in between to look after someone or right a wrong. Many cultures believe that spirits of family members may remain to look after and provide guidance to living loved ones. How do you explain the millions of real images and sounds that cannot be explained? How do you explain premonitions and objects moving without visible help? Ghosts existing in houses is ghost petactually something that Realtors are supposed to disclose during house sales. actually revealed in USAToday that 42% of people would not consider buying a house with ghosts. Also, Albert Einstein said that all energy created in the world cannot be destroyed, just transformed into another form of energy. If people are made of a form of energy, which I’m fairly confident that we are, then our energy cannot die but be transformed into something else.

So, what do you think? Are ghosts real or made up?

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