The holiday season is bearing down on us all right now. Holiday parties, Secret Santa gifts, baking, decorating, shopping for the perfect gift, wrapping, cooking, and cleaning. It can all be so overwhelming! Sometimes it becomes difficult to enjoy the moments, the splendor of the season, and the people around us.

I enjoy being the hostess, but it can be exhausting. I get real satisfaction from our house being full of friends and family, providing delicious foods and drinks for guests, and wgifts pic 2hen people want to come back. So it’s natural that I would take more pleasure from gift giving than receiving. I love the smile on a person’s face or the look in their eyes when they unwrap a real surprise, something they didn’t expect, or something that they needed. However, receiving a heartfelt gift that someone has taken time to search for and wrap can show you just how much someone cares for you. I have always had a difficult time accepting anything, from compliments to gifts. So for me, giving is easier and more rewarding than gifts picreceiving.

Which do you prefer? Giving the perfect gift? Or receiving a gift?

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